Thank you Cards

So, of course i have waited too long to send out my holiday thank you cards and I had hoped to make something so great like my mom did for my thank you card. She got one of my match book cover wooden robots and she sent me a handmade thank you note made with stamps that looked like the robot I made her…. super nice and super creative!  So I sat down yesterday and started working on a few Sailor Jerry (spiced rum) label, thank you card.  They turned out pretty cool so I made a baker’s dozen! I found some smaller envelopes in my paper hoarding stash and … wow! No I have some cool thank you cards or notecards to send to all my family and friends!

So here ya go… a few photos of my custom cards! Enjoy, and if you want a set please let me know and I will make a few to send to you!


With a silver foil line below the tattoo sticker image, it really adds a bit of class.img_0413


The warm sun felt nice on my back as the photos that I took were in the late afternoon…. and my camera battery was dieing so i couldn’t use a flash… glad I didn’t! Thank you Sun… it is nice to know you have my back!img_0415img_0416

The one on the far right is one of my favorites, it has it all… the Ship, the sea, and the pretty lady!img_0417

This tattoo  is a logo on one of my favorite t-shirts… img_0419

You can’t see it very well… but the label maker cam in handy printing out a “ 2017” sticker that I attached to each one of the cards.

These are not really great for thank you cards, but for a quick note to family or friends, and for those who love vintage tattoo art, this is one card that will be a huge hit for me to send out!




Sorting my collection of LEGO bricks is going well and i decided to take a break and build something fun. i will not keep this build on display for a very long time because i want to work on building my town and space collection, but since I have never owned this kit nor have I ever build one before this weekend, I went ahead and built my first, custom LEGO minifigure in large scale.

Almost 20 inches tall, his arms move, hands moe, head swivels and makes for a very adorable piece. The scale is hard to really determine… but 1:48 is a popular scale among Lego enthusiasts since it is approximately the scale of the minifig : (the little guys) (1.5 inches: 6 feet). At this scale, 1/4 inch represents 1 foot, so at approximately 20 inches, the 80 foot monster would be roughly  13 times larger than the minifigure at his feet.

Approximately 2000 bricks and the addition of the wrench, black boots and a cuff at the bottom of the pants, I wanted to make it after something i would be wearing as i might make a final photo into a cool business card or a fake poster for my fake motorcycle repair shop!  I could see this guy sitting on the counter of the shop’s main table. With a friendly “Hi C” to say hello.

A vote on-line has determine that a Hat will top his head instead of brown and gray hair… a final picture will be be posted when a hat in complete.

Of course LEGO kit  number 3723 can be found for under 200.00 USD, it is I think fun to add a little of custom features and build your own outta the pieces you have in your own collection! Happy building!

Matchbook Robots

This year for Christmas gifts for my mom and my sister I got an idea from one of my Make Magazine articles about an artist (Miami-based sculptor and illustrator Mike Rivamonte) who takes matchbooks and covers a wooden robot frame to assemble an interesting display item.

I knew I wanted mine to have a semi theme for each person i was making it for, so I downloaded many images from the internet to get just the right matchbooks.

Here is my assembly process and finished designs.

These are the sheets to print out
These are the sheets to print out and then I just cut each matchbook out.


We know Reno!
Of course I love my home state, Nevada! (Make sure you say it right!)


No longer in the Nugget in Sparks, Nv. Sad day.


Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
“if you can draw!”


Circus circus


Everyone should Bowl!

All images below are the property of William Davison. All Rights Reserved.
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And I bought Poplar for the wood body. Used my old band saw from Ace!

and a drill press to drill all of the peg holes used to attach the head and arms.


I cut each piece and lightly sanded.


The pegs are soaked in stain.


Each one stood about 14 inches tall and both have arms and a head that is movable. if you look carefully at the edges of r the wood block i used a file to rough and cut the matchbook covers to give is a worn look. i left some areas of the wood uncovered and I like the more rustic look.

A quick spray with a poly clear coat to protect and seal, they were wrapped and shipped… just in time for the holidays. These robots where a very fun project and took a total of about 6 hours to complete. You can find these for sale from the original artist here:

and the location of the make article:

Have fun, be safe and until the next project… make it happen!

Fall… into the season!

When the seasons change my attitude also changes… when my attitude changes so does my wanting to connect with each new day of the season… and of course fall is my favorite season. Feeling the crisp air in the morning, warming myself to the afternoon sun and waiting to light the fire pit right before sun sets with a roll of newspaper with a sprig of dried sage roll up inside. The fires soft glow and the smell reminds me of all of my wonderful memories of fall as a child. Halloween, carving pumpkins, decorating the the house for the tricker treaters. Fall leaves, dark red and bright yellow, slowing falling to the ground with my feet able to rustle through and crunch the dried leaves. But of course this also reminds me that I only have a few more weeks left before old man winter forces us inside and time inside means a blanket to warm yourself by.

This year I am making my gifts for family and close friends… I enjoy the time in my wood work shop. It is very organic and as I feel of the grain of the wood, the smell of stain, the fresh cut being sanded down to a smooth finish I am reminded of the maker who has taught me, inspired me and had a lot of patients to help me keep all of my fingers on my hands. My mom has every year created some pretty amazing gifts, cards and blankets. So, to try and make gifts this year I have now realized how each piece, each time you assemble something, you really are putting a small bit of love and a piece of your being into each small gift.

I will share my progress of the gifts I am making after Christmas (I don’t want to give away the surprise yet!). I have been taking photos along the way, so I should have a fun story to tell and a special gift to send. This Fall has been one I hope to look back fondly on and remember the time spent in my work shop and the feeling of pride of taking on the continued tradition of making a gift.


All things good at Home!

My wife and I took a small vacation to go home to the Reno and Sparks area to visit my mom, my sister and my nieces at the beginning of March 2016 and had a great time. Going to the area I grew up and spent the most of my college years is always bitter sweet… many of the places we went as kids have closed and even the new places have been hit hard by the economics in the area.  I was glad to see the Pirate ship was still standing (not torn down to become another useless parking lot) but has been closed now for over 7 years…. a place that (from the outside) seemed like a bit of a dive was still fun with good food and drinks that made you feel like for the hour you ate and drank that you just might be a pirate!


Our first night was the famous Lounge Night… the friday night cocktail experience that everyone wants to be apart of and share in a few cocktails and talk about the inconsequential. Listening to jazzy up beat music in the back \ground and the table full of “orse’s dervesies “… My sister invited her friend and I invited a few of my friends… fun, great conversation and laughter  was had by all.


My Niece and my wife share the same birthday so it was birthday ladies picture time…


My sister with me and her best friend. (Hi Leslie!)


It was good to see my best friend from high school and the Marine Corps… it is hard to believe we are getting older and still look the same from our younger days…


Quit taking photos and order more drinks someone!



Lego Photos

LEGO BUILDS for the past 5 weeks. I am still sorting but a few of the builds are the Police boat, the wind mill and the fire station. Most are still missing 2 to 3 pieces and i add them to the build when I find them during sorting. It feels like a major accomplishment when you find the one or two bricks that complete a build!

3D DIY Printer part 4 Axis

After taking some time away from the project to think about how I was going to fabricate the X, Y and Z axis mechanical aspect, I finally rolled up my sleeves and tried out my first idea. Using the aluminum stock and a drill press I fashioned some very solid mounts for the  roller bearings and the thread stock.

Having the goal of just getting my first axis working and thus allow me to review how the assembly works, before committing to having all of them done this way ( in case there is an issue).

The frame that will hold the items I am working on in this post. (you can see the two brackets that I will be drilling into in the next picture)


Take your time… goggles are a must, use a clamp.

Drilling out the center of the beam… this will house the roller bearing.

Lining up the thread rod and checking it if it is smooth turning.


Posting the other end where the stepper motor will mount.

Top down view of the mounting hole for the roller bearing.


First idea  for mounting … which I didn’t like in case I needed to disassemble… this would be a nightmare.
a single nut hammered into the stock aluminum… seems easy!

Keeping it simple is my goal… so hammering in a single nut into the plate bracket made sense… and if needed I can adjust it.


Stepper motor with a CV axle to mitigate vibration if the motor isn’t exactly lined up.

Of course I am back to building now so i will be sure to post the next stage of the X axis. and how things are progressing. It seems like this will be a fall project as right now the weather is great for riding my old scooter.

I think once this axis is fully assembled I can experiment with the motors, the  controllers, the emergency stop and limit switches… the wiring harness will be interchangeable thus I can try each section of the harness only using the X axis. Check each electronics board will be the next post… hope to have you reading it very soon!