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Sorting my collection of LEGO bricks is going well and i decided to take a break and build something fun. i will not keep this build on display for a very long time because i want to work on building my town and space collection, but since I have never owned this kit nor have I ever build one before this weekend, I went ahead and built my first, custom LEGO minifigure in large scale.

Almost 20 inches tall, his arms move, hands moe, head swivels and makes for a very adorable piece. The scale is hard to really determine… but 1:48 is a popular scale among Lego enthusiasts since it is approximately the scale of the minifig : (the little guys) (1.5 inches: 6 feet). At this scale, 1/4 inch represents 1 foot, so at approximately 20 inches, the 80 foot monster would be roughly  13 times larger than the minifigure at his feet.

Approximately 2000 bricks and the addition of the wrench, black boots and a cuff at the bottom of the pants, I wanted to make it after something i would be wearing as i might make a final photo into a cool business card or a fake poster for my fake motorcycle repair shop!  I could see this guy sitting on the counter of the shop’s main table. With a friendly “Hi C” to say hello.

A vote on-line has determine that a Hat will top his head instead of brown and gray hair… a final picture will be be posted when a hat in complete.

Of course LEGO kit  number 3723 can be found for under 200.00 USD, it is I think fun to add a little of custom features and build your own outta the pieces you have in your own collection! Happy building!


Bass Tube DIY

For a long time I have been very interested in building speakers… for home, for stage, for car and for outdoors… I have tried many different styles and types of enclosures… but I came home from work and looking around in my garage I decided to build a very quick bass tube out of free junk I have collected. i have always wanted to try this type of tube style with the extra added horn/port… and i figured I would capture some photos along the way to show the build.

I did some very basic calculations to find the perfect length and using the data sheet for the speaker (a Pyle Power Series Dual Voice-Coil 4-Ohm 6.5-inch 600-Watt Subwoofer) I optimized the volume for the 40 to 50 Hz frequency. Now the spec for the speakers says the range is 38 to 70 Hz, but the port will be tuned for 53 Hz.

woofer spec

Some plastic tube and a cardboard tube (all free) will become the body, some scrap particle board will hold the speaker at one end and the other end the speaker connection. Some blanket matting will become the interior tube baffle or damping material, and some wire will be run the length to ensure I have good connections to the speaker (once it arrives in the mail).


Plastic tube is cut to the correct length which is based on the volume needed for a ported enclosure.. in my case it was 27 inches.


Here is the peices cut… the ends have a flat edge to keep the speaker from rolling around.


Some glued in matting… a dry assembly and now to put it all together. (Right photo: Looking down the tube cut in half to make the port.)


I just used some construction adhesive to join everything… since it is ported I am thinking the pressure will be minimal and not fatigue all of the parts connection points. I might run a few drywall screws in key locations just to be safe before I cover the tube.  HEY! There is the Stuka! My 1968 BMW 2002 in the garage for the winter taking a nap and on the trickle charger!


For now… I will let it dry and wait for the speaker to arrive… once I get the woofer I will finish the build, conduct a measurement recording of a sweep frequency of 20 Hz to 70Hz and plot the data for a review and blog post. I hope to have it done soon!


Halloween is almost here!

It is time for me to put away the summer decor and turn to my basement for the ghoulish decorations and visual treats of Halloween… I am always so excited to make and create the next scary display for the kids on Halloween and my friends for my party.

I have almost finished my Skeleton with cauldron scene… he will talk and sounds of fire and bubbles from the cauldron with come from the speaker built under the pot… flickering lights will give the visual of a smoldering fire and fog pumped into the cauldron will provide the spooky feel…

Frame and staging for more work on the talking skeleton.
Frame and staging for more work on the talking skeleton.

In addition to the new movement style skeleton decoration for the porch I always do one new baby doll and this one goes a bit over board… but it turned out great! Scary Great!

A clown baby doll… I sewed the robe and painted like crazy one night in early September… really look at the fabric it is really cute and has a boy dressed as a clown!

Halloween Baby doll for 2014
Halloween Baby doll for 2014

As anyone knows who has seen my blog site i love halloween and you can be sure i will post something new i am working on each day starting on October 1st!  As for now you will have to wait and look at the past blog posts:

Halloween Party Time!

Baby Doll “Day of the Dead”

Halloween Window Shade


Halloween Vintage Blow molds!


Scarecrow for your front yard!


Halloween Party Invite ideas!

Added info and made the size a postcard.
Added info and made the size a postcard.

Halloween Window Shadow

I know this idea has been done a million times, but now I am seeing people all over “SPEND MONEY” on this easy to do, fun to MAKE and super cheep project!

Be creative and do your own CUSTOM Halloween Decoration!

Come on MAN! get it together and have some fun while decorating your home.   You say you are too busy… then get up, turn off the TV and go get some very simple items and tools.

And MAKE your own custom Halloween Window Shadow

My crazy pumpkin in the window from outside.

A cardboard box, a box cutter/ razor, colored tissue paper, clear packing tape, and an area that you can cut a cardboard box without hurting anything like a wood floor or carpet or a table top (not that I did that, just a warning). If you a young person, get an adult, if you are a young person at heart, grab your inner adult to supervise yourself.

Decide what shadow you want to do. I did a pumpkin face, a jolly roger pirate flag and a snow flake for the “other” holiday season.

Next is a quick  series of simple pictures showing the progress of Making your own.

shadow 2
Put together several pieces of cardboard that can be taped together and fill the window you want the Shadow in.shadow 3

Put together several pieces of cardboard that can be taped together and fill the window you want the Shadow in.

shadow 4
Draw the pattern you want the light to shine through.
shadow 5
Cut out the negative. Be carefull… razors are sharp!
shadow 6
On the back side of the cardboard (the side that is away from the outside of the window view) tape or glue the tissue paper to cover all the holes in your pattern.

Mine looked like this…


Turn on the light to the room and go outside when its dark… don’t get frightened when you see your Halloween surprise!


Have fun and Make IT!

Spooky Candle Holder in an Hour!

Thrift stores have it all… if you are looking for something and it doesn’t have to be new, and you can take your time to find it… then for pennies on the dollar you can find treasures! One such treasure… a brass candle holder for three candles.

Now I wanted to make this candle holder for my Halloween party covered in spider webs, dripping blood and super creepy… I got started and realized it didn’t need to have an “over the top” covered in craziness… a simple design made it classy yet, when lit, it was an eerie sight… you judge.

Puts out good light, just warn guests to remember their surroundings and Hair and Costumes are flammable!
Puts out good light, just warn guests to remember their surroundings and Hair and Costumes are flammable!

I started by painting the brass flat black, added with a glue gun small skeleton hands I found at the hobby and craft store, added a painted plastic skull to the top and finished with 3 (Halved) blood dripping candles.  The beads were an after thought and not permanent to the decoration but added for the color to tie in some other decorations.


A simple design and a fast build (less than 1 hour total) made for a nice addition to the decorations for the Halloween party.  I ended up finding the same candle holder a few months later, and will make a twin for the other side of my sliding glass window.

Pumpkin Head Baby Doll!

Every year I have create at least one new Halloween Baby doll for my collection… but now it is time to share my creations… This year I did a Pumpkin Head baby doll with the eyes that roll back open when the doll is sat upright, movable head,  and its very own custom fall robe.

I have done some pretty cute ones for Halloween, but to me this one doll really is the cutest, littlest and (at the same time the creepiest) most fun to work on.  I find my dolls at the local thrift stores taking care to find the ones with all plastic bodies, eyes that roll (and for my zombie doll a few years back, the tube that would allow me to make blood and green stuff come out the mouth, depending on what I filled the squeezable holding bladder) and any other feature I might want to turn into a special effect.

Some commonly used items for this type of project:

Sharp knife, hot glue gun, paint, paint brush, scissors, Papier-mâché, spray paint, tin foil, fabric and a plastic baby doll.

A few items used to make a Halloween Baby Doll, not all items pictured... so please see text!
A few items used to make a Halloween Baby Doll, not all items pictured… so please see text!

Taking the clothes off (tossing them in the wash machine for recycle on other projects) and cleaning the plastic body of the doll with water with a few drop of bleach… I can guarantee my doll is clean and will not get me sick with some kiddie germ I have not seen in 30 years.  Also it removes crayon marks, dirt, juice or anything else the doll was pulled through in it’s younger life.  A clean canvas is key to the creative flow.

Drying head and clean doll body.
Drying head and clean doll body.

I typically pull the head off, cut out the eyes with a sharp razor, and start my Papier-mâché using the head as a base and work slowly to build it up.   Setting the eyes back into the appropriate place (or not, DEPENDING on if you want A HUNCHBACK baby doll) and letting the molded wet paper dry. Once the paper is semi dry it is time to add the scars, wrinkles or cut in the nose and mouth.  Add teeth (plastic fork tines), sew a robe for the baby doll body and paint!

I think the creepier the better… keep those Trick-o-Treaters on their toes! As they get close and see their faces turn from sugar filled happiness into one of horror and disgust!

Finiish Doll
He is ready for the kiddies… Halloween … and to be on display for who ever comes during the month of October!

Tomorrow… a candle holder that will be the talk of your Halloween Party!

Halloween is in 30 days! Party invites, decorations and more… all in 30 days?

The Fall air and chilly nights has put me in the mood to do some cool Halloween decorations, plan a Halloween party and show others how much fun and how easy it really is to make your own decorations and invites for your next Ghoulish Party!

With party invites I needed it to be fast, as I wanted to send them out to family and friends to give them enough time to put it on the calendar, schedule a baby sitter, and prepare for a costume (no one gets into my Halloween Party without a costume!), so the invites were done in one day… and sent out the very next day.

I gathered some of my last year decorations, placed them on a table with good lighting and started taking photos!  After several changes I got what I thought would be good for an invitation card photo. I cropped the back ground clutter, dropped it on a night sky (with moon) background and… looky looky… a spooky invite!

Cropped and dropped onto a back ground of the night sky with moon.
Cropped and dropped onto a back ground of the night sky with moon.

Next, printing them out on my photo printer I could add the required text on the back! Making them a postcard and since my photo paper is blank on the back… all that was required was my excel address list and printing out my invites on the reverse side of the photo paper made for a quick and easy invite.

Added info and made the size a postcard.
Added info and made the size a postcard.

Tomorrow I will discuss the Pumpkin Head Baby doll decoration, the center of attention in my invite photo….

Hope you will come back to check it out… 30 days of making, crafting, cooking, planning for a Halloween party to remember!