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William Davison, Jr. moved from Northern Nevada to the Denver, Colorado area to work in the aerospace industry after obtaining his electrical engineering degree from University of Nevada, Reno. He keeps busy with his many hobbies (old BMW car restorations, LEGO Robotics and Halloween effects/costumes). He loves to restore, make and create. If he isn't doing something in the shop, then you can find him riding his 1956 BMW R50 motorcycle. See more of William's photography at

Normandy, Frane

Yesterday was June 6th, D-Day… I was at work and wanted to post the pictures I took of the trip out to Normandy, on April sorry these are a day late.


Taken out on the Beach in front of the Musée du Débarquement , an Indoor & outdoor museum commemorating WWII’s Normandy campaign & D-Day landings.  Place du 6 Juin 1944, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains, FranceDSC_0277DSC_0295DSC_0301

The pill boxes on the hills of Longues-sur-Mer battery, Batterie allemande de Longues sur Mer, Huge, preserved WWII gun installations, built by the Germans to defend France from sea invasion.


Check out the cliffs in front of these guns, on google maps you can also see how far back they are from the beach.



Normandy cemetery;  The Garden of the Missing,-0.8594511,617m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x480ba820276aa5db:0x85f59b047f230905!8m2!3d49.3602116!4d-0.8572624?hl=en


The Garden of the Missing, reflecting pool



Up by the statue was the ceremony they had for the visiting Americans and veterans in our group.


Time capsule to be opened June 6th, 2044… 100 years.


Omaha Beach: One of 5 beaches used in the D-Day Normandy landings, with visitor center & cliff-top US cemetery.






Picture comparison in Paris (8 Years difference)

Adrienne and I wanted to take some similar photos from our last trip in Paris and recreate as best as we could (some locations are not accessible) and from what we remembered… here are a few fun shots!








I am still trying to figure out how Adrienne hasn’t aged a day?





Smoky William….. and look at that! No Smoky William!



The One photo is the only photo an old lady took of us on our first day in Paris, Feb 2010


Just a new photo someone else took of us 4-2018!





Monet’s garden

Claude Monet’s house & ornate gardens was one of our first stops on the river cruise. I was very happy to see that spring had arrived and that the gardens were full of flowers.

The map below shows our walking path and what we went to see and photo.

map monet,1.5315135,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e6c8fef536f57b:0x77c5b6296865dff6!8m2!3d49.0753836!4d1.5337022?hl=en

The main street was narrow and many walking paths between old stone walls made a nice walking tour with out traffic…  The tour was a short time and lots of groups were visiting this day so I didn’t go into the house. I wanted to go see the town and Monet’s grave. While we were walking in the town a nice rain came down and cooled the air. Adrienne and I found what I can only describe as a bus stop and spent a few quiet moments as we waited for the the rain to let up.


The flowers lining the the street going to the gardens were even impressive.


Museum had their gardens blooming as well…

Gardens of the Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny, France.


Adrienne was prepared with her rain coat…


Main town street… DSC_0528

Narrow walking path.


Touring the gardens.


Too early for water lillies.DSC_0566

Claude Monet’s house & ornate gardens.


Out the front door of Claude’s home a garden of flowers. Claude Monet’s house & ornate gardens, with the artist’s studio/sitting room & Japanese prints.DSC_0575DSC_0577

This guy was near the bus stop we took shelter in… Adrienne said if i let my beard go this is what it would look like!


The twon was full of these narrow little walk ways.


Another of the towns bus stops.


Église Sainte-Radegonde church… a 10 minute walk from the gardens where Monet is buried.


Monet’s tomb is at the middle of the ascent.


the cemetery behind the church.


View out from church front.


A park in town.



Vérnon, France

Town and Church photos from Vérnon, France, April 3rd,2018:


Start of the walking tour… Above the Le Pavillon Bourbon-Penthièvre

map vernon


Collégiale Notre-Dame


Funny how something change and some things remain the same…


City square above…


I like the detail, the stone work, the gargoyles… the way the water runs down old stone and makes the soot and dirt stick in streaks.


Collégiale Notre-Dame


Cool ad on the side of a brick building in Vernon.IMG_0631IMG_0633IMG_0637IMG_0642

I didn’t catch the name of the tower… sorry.



I thought it was  cool that on the 14 and 15th of April (just missed it by a week! ) was going to be a car and motorcycle show… the motorcycle on the flier is just like my 1956 BMW  R50 sans side bags.

Introducing the LEGO Zoltar!

The movie Big was released on June 3rd, 1988… 30 years ago almost! Tom Hanks (the main character) goes from being a kid and wishing to become an adult. Of course he still has the mind of a kid and the adventure begins. If you haven’t seen the movie I suggest it as a throwback movie night with a loved one. It was one of my favorite movies that inspired me to always be a kid at heart, play with toys and enjoy building LEGO at any age.

I really liked that movie… the Zoltar Arcade game grants him his wish after a coin is strategically shot into Zoltars mouth.  Changing him from a kid into “Big” adult over night!

Inspired by the movie, the Zoltar Boardwalk game and after I searched and searched and never found a Zoltar made with LEGO bricks. I decided I would make the first LEGO Zoltar… so Introducing the LEGO “Zoltar the Magnificent!”

Please feel free to share and repost! Trying to get this to be on Jimmy Fallon… in June!

More programming to do, so i will post more photos and video as I get him done.

IMG_0133 main photo

Design and photos by William Davison, Jr. #LegoZoltar


Working on getting the Face Just Right.


Mouth closed. and detail of the necklace.


I worked on this build over four months, and just finish up the head, mouth and movements this past weekend.


Just the frame.


Side detail and the coin shoot details (Yellow far side).


Other side detail.


Wheel on the left moves the coin ramp up or down, the red button center starts the mouth moving, the music and the eyes light up.

Video can be seen here.

I will be programming the RCX controller and making the small paper cards that “Grant your wish!” in the next few days. I will be sure to post a better video showing the coin ramp and how the

CAD to 3D Print

After getting some free time for designing my own CAD item, I decided to make a BMW keychain for my key ring for the 1968 BMW 2002.

Using TinkerCAD I laid out a simple design and exported the STL file.

bmw keychain


Below is the start of my print.IMG_0107

The image below is the slicer program Repetier which converts the STL file into GCode that my 3D printer understands and controls the stepper motors.IMG_0108

Here is the final print.


LEGO Motorcycle with sidecar

857-1: Motorbike with Sidecar

This set came out in 1979. I went ahead and downloaded the instructions and started the build. The original was blue and gray, I went with the all Black styling. The single cylinder engine is basic, there is no suspension but the complexity of the gear to chain and the steering makes this kit a fun build.

I might modify this model and make it based on a 1-3-5 width build instead of the 2-4 6 width build.