LEGO RoomBot

Styled after the $300 roomba robot vacuum, I built a LEGO RCX robot sweeper. I wanted to start working again with my LEGO technic sets and of course my many LEGO RCX kits. This was a good starting point and using ROBO Lab software I was able to program  the little robot quickly.

A few items that are not LEGO: The paper scoop that collects the dirt, dust and hair. The swiffer pad that i cut to allow the spinning wheels to act like a street sweeper in the front…these little guys push the debris into the scoop front…  the two switches on the left or right provide the bumper a way of resetting the course of the room sweeper.

To see the video:

You can go tot his link even if you don’t have faceybooky!


I think I need a few more tweeks to the code to really make it work perfect but for the most part a two hour build and a few trial runs and he does quite well on the wood floors.


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