Thank you Cards

So, of course i have waited too long to send out my holiday thank you cards and I had hoped to make something so great like my mom did for my thank you card. She got one of my match book cover wooden robots and she sent me a handmade thank you note made with stamps that looked like the robot I made her…. super nice and super creative!  So I sat down yesterday and started working on a few Sailor Jerry (spiced rum) label, thank you card.  They turned out pretty cool so I made a baker’s dozen! I found some smaller envelopes in my paper hoarding stash and … wow! No I have some cool thank you cards or notecards to send to all my family and friends!

So here ya go… a few photos of my custom cards! Enjoy, and if you want a set please let me know and I will make a few to send to you!


With a silver foil line below the tattoo sticker image, it really adds a bit of class.img_0413


The warm sun felt nice on my back as the photos that I took were in the late afternoon…. and my camera battery was dieing so i couldn’t use a flash… glad I didn’t! Thank you Sun… it is nice to know you have my back!img_0415img_0416

The one on the far right is one of my favorites, it has it all… the Ship, the sea, and the pretty lady!img_0417

This tattoo  is a logo on one of my favorite t-shirts… img_0419

You can’t see it very well… but the label maker cam in handy printing out a “ 2017” sticker that I attached to each one of the cards.

These are not really great for thank you cards, but for a quick note to family or friends, and for those who love vintage tattoo art, this is one card that will be a huge hit for me to send out!



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