Sorting my collection of LEGO bricks is going well and i decided to take a break and build something fun. i will not keep this build on display for a very long time because i want to work on building my town and space collection, but since I have never owned this kit nor have I ever build one before this weekend, I went ahead and built my first, custom LEGO minifigure in large scale.

Almost 20 inches tall, his arms move, hands moe, head swivels and makes for a very adorable piece. The scale is hard to really determine… but 1:48 is a popular scale among Lego enthusiasts since it is approximately the scale of the minifig : (the little guys) (1.5 inches: 6 feet). At this scale, 1/4 inch represents 1 foot, so at approximately 20 inches, the 80 foot monster would be roughly  13 times larger than the minifigure at his feet.

Approximately 2000 bricks and the addition of the wrench, black boots and a cuff at the bottom of the pants, I wanted to make it after something i would be wearing as i might make a final photo into a cool business card or a fake poster for my fake motorcycle repair shop!  I could see this guy sitting on the counter of the shop’s main table. With a friendly “Hi C” to say hello.

A vote on-line has determine that a Hat will top his head instead of brown and gray hair… a final picture will be be posted when a hat in complete.

Of course LEGO kit  number 3723 can be found for under 200.00 USD, it is I think fun to add a little of custom features and build your own outta the pieces you have in your own collection! Happy building!


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