Matchbook Robots

This year for Christmas gifts for my mom and my sister I got an idea from one of my Make Magazine articles about an artist (Miami-based sculptor and illustrator Mike Rivamonte) who takes matchbooks and covers a wooden robot frame to assemble an interesting display item.

I knew I wanted mine to have a semi theme for each person i was making it for, so I downloaded many images from the internet to get just the right matchbooks.

Here is my assembly process and finished designs.

These are the sheets to print out
These are the sheets to print out and then I just cut each matchbook out.


We know Reno!
Of course I love my home state, Nevada! (Make sure you say it right!)


No longer in the Nugget in Sparks, Nv. Sad day.


Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
Twin Peaks (can’t wait for the news season in 2017!)
“if you can draw!”


Circus circus


Everyone should Bowl!

All images below are the property of William Davison. All Rights Reserved.
Images may not be used unless permission is given in writing from William Davison.

And I bought Poplar for the wood body. Used my old band saw from Ace!

and a drill press to drill all of the peg holes used to attach the head and arms.


I cut each piece and lightly sanded.


The pegs are soaked in stain.


Each one stood about 14 inches tall and both have arms and a head that is movable. if you look carefully at the edges of r the wood block i used a file to rough and cut the matchbook covers to give is a worn look. i left some areas of the wood uncovered and I like the more rustic look.

A quick spray with a poly clear coat to protect and seal, they were wrapped and shipped… just in time for the holidays. These robots where a very fun project and took a total of about 6 hours to complete. You can find these for sale from the original artist here:

and the location of the make article:

Have fun, be safe and until the next project… make it happen!


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