Fall… into the season!

When the seasons change my attitude also changes… when my attitude changes so does my wanting to connect with each new day of the season… and of course fall is my favorite season. Feeling the crisp air in the morning, warming myself to the afternoon sun and waiting to light the fire pit right before sun sets with a roll of newspaper with a sprig of dried sage roll up inside. The fires soft glow and the smell reminds me of all of my wonderful memories of fall as a child. Halloween, carving pumpkins, decorating the the house for the tricker treaters. Fall leaves, dark red and bright yellow, slowing falling to the ground with my feet able to rustle through and crunch the dried leaves. But of course this also reminds me that I only have a few more weeks left before old man winter forces us inside and time inside means a blanket to warm yourself by.

This year I am making my gifts for family and close friends… I enjoy the time in my wood work shop. It is very organic and as I feel of the grain of the wood, the smell of stain, the fresh cut being sanded down to a smooth finish I am reminded of the maker who has taught me, inspired me and had a lot of patients to help me keep all of my fingers on my hands. My mom has every year created some pretty amazing gifts, cards and blankets. So, to try and make gifts this year I have now realized how each piece, each time you assemble something, you really are putting a small bit of love and a piece of your being into each small gift.

I will share my progress of the gifts I am making after Christmas (I don’t want to give away the surprise yet!). I have been taking photos along the way, so I should have a fun story to tell and a special gift to send. This Fall has been one I hope to look back fondly on and remember the time spent in my work shop and the feeling of pride of taking on the continued tradition of making a gift.



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