All things good at Home!

My wife and I took a small vacation to go home to the Reno and Sparks area to visit my mom, my sister and my nieces at the beginning of March 2016 and had a great time. Going to the area I grew up and spent the most of my college years is always bitter sweet… many of the places we went as kids have closed and even the new places have been hit hard by the economics in the area.  I was glad to see the Pirate ship was still standing (not torn down to become another useless parking lot) but has been closed now for over 7 years…. a place that (from the outside) seemed like a bit of a dive was still fun with good food and drinks that made you feel like for the hour you ate and drank that you just might be a pirate!


Our first night was the famous Lounge Night… the friday night cocktail experience that everyone wants to be apart of and share in a few cocktails and talk about the inconsequential. Listening to jazzy up beat music in the back \ground and the table full of “orse’s dervesies “… My sister invited her friend and I invited a few of my friends… fun, great conversation and laughter  was had by all.


My Niece and my wife share the same birthday so it was birthday ladies picture time…


My sister with me and her best friend. (Hi Leslie!)


It was good to see my best friend from high school and the Marine Corps… it is hard to believe we are getting older and still look the same from our younger days…


Quit taking photos and order more drinks someone!




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