LEGO Revival (Part 2)

So I started with the Yellow Castle, LEGO Kit # 375LEGO 375

It was easy to find the bricks and sorting helped me build the walls quickly, but now the search will be for the Knights and Guard men. IMG_0077



Here it is below about 95% complete…


I also started the the motorcycle sales and repair shop… LEGO Kit #6373… Still missing a few roof pieces, and a front door. the 2 LEGO mini figures that come with this kit I have not searched for, but I know I have them somewhere in my many bins.


Since I had started the shop I figure this little kit with the trailer for the motorcycle would be a good addition. LEGO kit #6654… and like the other builds… I have not found the driver.


The police station brought back some memories… one of the first big LEGO kits that started my collection. LEGO # 588. It still needs some work… a helicopter, the garage doors and the jail cell windows.

The Space Cruiser #487, was my first LEGOLAND Space kits… the white and red Space men are ready for an adventure. This kit I am pretty sure was given to me by my Grandmother and was when I was about 3 or 4 living in Stead Nevada.


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