LEGO Revival

With a very large collection of LEGO kits from my youth I decided to start the very long process of sorting all of my unassembled bricks.  I have some new rules that I will follow from here on out, as this experience of sorting is mind boggling and painful… the time it will take to sort, clean and rank each brick will take me a year or more. The reason for the ranking is I want to try and determine the old brick and use them in the older kits from the early 80 since  those bricks will be older, less vibrant in color and thus provide the vintage look I am going for when I put all the kits on display. With that in mind the process of finding the instructions is fun, and rediscovering the plans of my past. When I would sit for hours building a LEGO town with enough fire protection and police protection in my small world that I was able to forget the world around me and be at peace.

My first build will be the original police station my parents got me when I approximately 6 or 7.

police 588

As the builds become reality I will post the kits. I think that if I did one a month that it will take me about 6 to 7 years to build ALL of my LEGO kits… sorting is my first task… but some other rules I will start with my collection…

1. Leave kits built, if the kit is to be taken apart for storage or transportation, then it will be placed into a ziplock bag and the instructions will be placed with the bricks.

2. I will never mix new bricks with old bricks.

3. Bricks that have not been put with a kit will be organized.. (I am going to try and put all build bricks, plates, tiles, roof sloped bricks into the correct color bins with tools, mini figures, etc. into the  same type of sorted bins… vintage, new, and  unknown)

I also will be cataloging these kits… here is a start of the process in excel format.

Well back to sorting… more pictures as they become complete kits, cleaned, assembled and ready for display.



Kit Number Kit Name Plans Built own original kit / QTY
1 6390 Main street x 2
2 6378 gas station x no
3 6364 Urgent care 1
4 car repair x no
5 6373 motorcycle shop x 1
6 police station #1 x 1
7 police station #2 x 1
8 police station #3 1
9 6382 Fire station x 1
10 old town main street x no
11 exxon truck x 1
12 fire snorkel truck 1
13 police van 1
14 ambulance 1
15 fire truck x 3
16 snack shop x no
17 ice cream store x no
18 rafting camp x ?
19 6392 airport x 1
20 6372 town house x no
21 train station x no
22 train #1 x 1
23 train #2 1
24 train #3 1
25 375 yellow castle x 1
26 6383 public works x no
27 8865 test car 1
28 6377 delivery center x no
29 6362 post office x no
30 6345 airplanes 1
31 6680 ambulance 1
32 487 space cruiser yes 1
33 bus station x

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