3D DIY Printer part 3 extra hardware/harness

Over the weekend I did a quick schematic for all components that would need to be on the main frame of the 3D printer. This allowed me to quickly get a wire count and make a harness. DC power, stepper motor signals, limit switch signal, power for the heater for the plate and extruder, LED lighting and an encoder will all be using this harness and will be routed and zip tied on the frame to minimize the interference. Using my new label maker, I labeled each pair and will make for an easy install once the mechanical structure starts to take form.


Digging around in my electronics bins I found great limit switches that will tell the controller when the limits of the axis has been mechanically reached, thus stopping the stepper motors from getting damaged. I went to Ace Hardware (one of my favorite places) and bought my thread rod 1/4 inch which will work great with my 6mm ball bearing paired sets.


Molex connectors will be used for the stepper motor connections and the washers and nuts  hardware will be used to mount the heat plate, extruder, and axis arm to the thread rod.


Close up of the limit micro switches, below.


I am having fun with my new label maker… ebay for 10 bucks.


The Denver area is going to get a big rain/snow storm event this weekend, so I hope to work a bit more on my 3D Printer. I have  to determine the best way for coding allowing for some freeware to convert G-code into data my Arduino will understand and move the stepper motors. I also will try and finish up the mechanical frame and how i plan to mount the limit switches, thread rod, stepper motors and the power supply.


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