Finishing the Bass Tube build (part 2)

With some scrap speaker box carpet, a hot glue gun and the sub woofer delivered.. I finished the bass tube for my commuter car. The Boss amplifier was a deal at $55.00 on sale on-line… free delivery, and at more that 75% off I thought I would take a chance. I was skeptical about the rated 1500 watts Peak into a two Ohm load, but after hooking it up in the basement and running it for a while I was very pleased with the clean  sound and more than enough power. The amp also met many requirements: must have active variable crossover, RCA OR Speaker level inputs, soft start turn on and stable at 2 Ohm… (Nothing like the amps I used to have back in highschool!) so for the 55 dollars I felt like i got a very good deal for a good subwoofer amplifier.

My next post on this project will be a detailed test using a frequency sweep from the 20Hz range up to the 75Hz range. Taking a sample at 5 Hz increments and plotting the speaker output for a comparison and a detailed analysis of the ported tube enclosure of “My Design”.


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