Solo Rider Seat, BMW 1956 R50

So what I thought was going to be an easy seat change ended up last me over 3 hours, but after it was done it really makes a big change in the look of my R50.


Above and below is the look of my BMW with the banana seat…


After removing the seat, i wanted to see how the chromed luggage rack o the back fender is going to look. No holes drilled yet… and will save that project for a different day.



After almost 2 hours of draining the gas out of the tank… (I made the mistake of filling up a few weeks back, not knowing I wanted to put the solo seat on) the four gallons of gas through a filtered 1/4 inch tube is not the best way to drain a tank.

IMG_0025_no tank_no seat

Above, the tank and seat off… i went ahead and washed the back fender.


Assembly was very quick and came together quickly. All the bolt holes lined up and the review of all the items  double checking that it was all assembled correctly and tight.


Out for a ride, Saturday in denver was a perfect clear and sunny day, I think the high was 80 degrees and the last Saturday of the summer for 2015 was perfect.



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