Back to something fun. (1958 RCA Orthophonic Stereo SHC-4 )

My friends found a great AM/FM Record player console at a garage sell and picked it up for  steal… my part, I am going to do a restoration on the amplifier, receiver and turntable. It is in great condition except for the missing speakers. I did my research and found out that this console is a real top of the line for the year. A 1958 RCA Orthophonic Stereo SHC-4 console in blond wood.   High Fidelity, so close your eyes and see if it sounds like you are sitting with the musicians as they play. (I will continue to post as I go, the detailed steps and the finish product).   Here is a good 1957 advertisement that just now a days seems silly, but the information is great!

I have removed everything from the cabinet and will start to clean everything. I have not powered up any of the electronics as I do not want to damage anything or the tubes until I know exactly that all the components are in at least working order. I will go back and use an oscilloscope to verify the quality of the amplification of the sound and check the stages of the quality.

More soon….  I hope you will enjoy the next few post as I dive into something fun!








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