Can we ever get back to a “simpler life”?

I am kind of a pack rat.. I have an idea that the stuff I collect will someday be used in one of my great projects or that one of a kind reel to reel player some day will sit perfectly in a swanky retro nightclub and impress the bar flies.

When I look back on my collecting, it was never a focused venture… everything I collected could go into the garage, be cleaned up , restored and made to work (a lot of the time it was the challenge to make it work that fueled my desire to collect) and then brought into the house to be displayed like a trophy, a prize, an artifact that was from the past. At some point, i think to myself, there was a person who bought this item and had some amount of pleasure using, working, listening, playing with “said” item.  And now I, the new owner, want to make sure that this item can be used again, in a way that the person who bought the item would use it… an old tube radio, clicking the power on, waiting for the tubes to warm up, the static of the speaker as the electronics inside warm to a buzz and allow the FM radio station to tune in… of course now, it is a modern rock station playing through the whizzer speaker… back then though, back in the 1950’s …then maybe it was some Glenn Miller, or the local news… simpler times.

My 1968 BMW 2002

Feeling a wave of nostalgia… IT IS the reason i ride a 1956 motorcycle, the simple cloths i wear, the idea that all the NEWER things in life, don’t really make us any happier…  the latest greatest cell phone can do pretty much everything, email, google search, video chat, play a game, tell us where to go and how to get there, and once we are there, we take a photo for evidence…also it will answer any question you have.

Ask your phone if you are a good mother or father, ask it to do your job, ask your phone to take a test for you… or spend time with your lover.

Is this really better than the simpler times… do we as a society need to take over a million selfies a day?

I promise… it will not have a good outcome, but yet this is what americans do… A father says, “I am friends with my son on facebook, I know what is going on with Johnny!” or “Siri … How do I manage anything in my life.. tell me what is on my calendar?….. OH REALLY it is my anniversary!?”  Like you are having a real conversation with a phone…

Once I thought we had a great world ahead for society… as an electrical engineer, designing and making really cool stuff seemed like the perfect world. Now I drive to work worried that the woman  texting in the car behind me is going to rear end me. I fear that the simpler world is day by day being shoved out the back door to make way for the “ALL” great new things…

…I digress… back to my first thought…  if you really think about it, if you see past the technology, couldn’t playing a board game like Scrabble, or a card game with your friends on the kitchen table, in the middle of summer, with the heat of the day cooling and the rain pitters outside the slider window… isn’t that what life is really about? A simpler time, meaningful time and interaction with friends…a fishing trip out to a stream, so far away from cell phone towers, a warm radio on your corner cabinet that plays a tune from yesteryear.

I don’t think anyone will really ever understand the dangers of technology… how it all is just a distraction from real life, meaningful life, a simpler life… something I long for… a simpler time.




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