Turning over an old Key

I was bummed when I broke my door handle lock on my 1968 BMW 2002, the entire tumbler came out leaving no way to lock my driver side door. I searched for all kinds of fixes, replacement parts but nothing I could find would really work, and I want to keep my key that starts my car and unlocks the other door the same.

Broken tumbler with key pins removed.
Broken tumbler with key pins removed.

I was on ebay and found a very good condition used driver side door handle and i thought this was it! I got it for a very reasonable price considering that these parts for a 68 are getting a bit hard to find…

Taking apart the new locking mechanism and pulling the tumbler out, it was very easy to take each one in order of the key pins out, and replace into the new tumbler…  and with a bit of new grease… it worked!


A spot check of the key in the key hole to verify all the key pins where at an acceptable level (Below the housing) I was good to go!

Reassembly went fast and double checking the spring, it all came together!


turning the key is below, which will move the lock, unlock lever:


I will replace the handle of my BMW tomorrow and feel comfortable driving around town now knowing I can lock my door.

My 1969 BMW 2002
My 1969 BMW 2002

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