Negatives to Digital Photos

Recently I was looking through a photo book of photos from my past. Trip to D.C., Space camp, an air show in Reno, a road trip in Nevada with my family. Years ago when there was no such thing as a digital camera and to capture your memories was to have a real camera with real film and once you took that photo you would have to wait for the film to be processed to find out if the picture even was a good photo, or if you captured what you were intending to photograph. It was magical, frustrating sometimes, and once you had the photo it was the only one you had. Unless of course you wound have reprints… no way to share on the internet and send all your friends this special moment it time.

In the back of the book were negatives, A LOT of negatives…and to my surprise in good condition. Some I tried to peer through with my eye… but it was hard to make out…. so I built a shoe box negative back light. I took some digital photos of the negative with the back light and used photoshop to bring back a collection of photos (some never seen).

One of my father and I at an airshow.

airshow Dad and I
Reno Nevada, 1989

One of my friends and I at Space Camp. It was a blast, rediscovering these photos and I wanted to share.

space camp

Here is the process…. Take the digital photo of the negative, load the JPEG into Photoshop, inverse the photo, and then auto correct the colors and balance.


Inverted and color balanced…

air races Dad and I_2

I am now looking for other negatives to transform them into digital, sharable and memorable photos from the past.

Even a photo going back to my childhood room, as one of my Favorite pastime (and still is) building with my LEGO bricks collection.

IMG_1450Precrop, digital photo of the negative.

lego white houseOne of the many houses I built.

lego houseIt is like going back in time AND now I can share these great memories!


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