Fix something Old.

On Sunday, I was asked if I could look at an old clock that was rescued from what I am sure was going to be a sad place…

Working clock, after some attention.
Working clock, after some attention.

I am always looking to save great vintage items from the trash or from being piled into a donation box, then to be shuttled off to remain uncovered until certain death when someone looks at it at a thrift store and says “It doesn’t work… toss it!”

A simple night stand clock, an alarm, a minute hand, and a second hand! Wow… nice markings, with the original manufacture sticker… what a find!


Opening it up exposed a nightmare of gunky gears, a broken and brittle AC wire and a fine layer of “Age” or others like the word “patina” … model 7H139! Approximately 1930’s… Now I think Techtron was bought or used them as vendors for parts by GE .. which made later a very close sibling to this clock the model number 7H140… hmmm. Interesting.


A few cleaning and lubricating solutions, some elbow grease, a soldering iron, to complete the soldering of a new power AC cord and a simple check with the Digital Multimeter and I was telling time as the clock smoothly came to life… what a great feeling knowing that this little clock has a few more years, of days, of nights, of hours, of minutes, of seconds to pass the time by… as a clock.


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