Memories from my past… Christmas Movies and short films

Yesterday was Christmas and in the Denver area we had a very nice morning turning into a heavy snow  fall that started in the late afternoon… ahhh… a “White Christmas” after all. My wife and I had our dinner and settled in for our favorite holiday movies.

Peanuts, Snoopy, Blow mold
Peanuts, Snoopy, Blow mold

We start off with…

“Home Alone”... poor boy is determined to protect his house from would be robbers while his family is gallivanting in Paris and trying to make it back home for Christmas… a nice old man has a real talk with him in the church before it all goes down… and saves him (the little boy) from the robbers in the end… fun, and comical… it is a good Christmas time movie.

“ELF”   who doesn’t like Will Ferral… and Zooey Deschanel….syrup on everything… Christmas Trees… and a LEGO city at the “North Pole” … enough said.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”my all time favorite… if it is only one special show you are going to watch… watch this one… the real meaning of Christmas is told by Linus and it is the only words I need to hear to get into the Christmas Spirit. (and of course the sound track, by Vince Guaraldi, “Christmas time is here” my all time favorite, and from this link below… the best Christmas song voted on this year in the BDCwire poll!

We ended the night with two very special short films… “The Snowman” Based on the book by Raymond Briggs and “A Christmas Memory”  based on a short story by Truman Capote.

The first one is another one of my all time favorites…“The Snowman”it was a new short film in 1982… during this year I lost my younger sister… Amanda died that summer of 1982.  Still in a depressed state, always together and watching the same shows… my older sister and I watched this for the first time that following Christmas of 1982… it brought us to tears and ever since I have remembered this timeless classic…(And it still brings me to tears now)… I would recommend this short film even during the winter months as it is still that special and not directly tied to Christmas day… as it could be a few weeks before or after Christmas when the boy makes a magical snowman. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  It is not too sad but watching it Christmas night brought back good, fond, happy and sad memories… it makes me feel alive!
Be sure to watch the intro by David Bowie (  AND the original introduction (
A site has this to say about “The Snowman”
“An Academy Award Nominee (Best Animated Short Film, 1982), this beautiful children’s story tells the magical tale of a boy whose snowman comes alive.”
As for the last short film… we watched “A Christmas Memory”not everyone will understand this powerful and very touching film but I do believe it will still make a person long for a simpler time. Truman Capote narrates and describes his childhood after being abandoned by his parents and sent to live with a distant cousin. I didn’t know how close this short film was to his real life… as a boy.  I think Capote is telling the story of his life a year before being sent away to a military school.
My recommendation…..  See it once in your life.
If “Mr. HaHa” selling whiskey to a boy and “Queeny” the little puppy running around with the two (The older woman and “Buddy”)  during their trip to purchase ingredients for the annual fruit cake bake doesn’t give you a slightly warmer heart… then I don’t know how you got this far in my blog about “Memories from my past… Christmas Movies and short films”.
Please feel free to post comments of your favorite holiday films… or if you watch any of the above and want to share your thoughts on these timeless classics.

One thought on “Memories from my past… Christmas Movies and short films

  1. I have never before seen the David Bowie intro. Our copy has the original. Either way, it and Elf are my favorite holiday specials!

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