Halloween Invites done!

Well this year I waited too long before working on my invites… but I buckled down last night and finished up a vintage looking invite for my annual Halloween party.

Not my best and most creative invite, but I think a very nice looking none the less.

Below is the cover… a spooky scene with a full moon (which we won’t have the luxury of having this year near halloween), a flying witch and a Jack-o-lantern with a nosy cat!  (of course not my artwork but two different ones put together, postcards) The corn stalks and sky with the black, orange and white clouds reminds me of the simpler time in the halloween of yester year that I remember growing up with. The decorations were hung in the classrooms and we as kids made construction paper owls, bats, ghosts and ghouls… ah the good ol’days!

Cover of the 2014 invite.
Cover of the 2014 invite.

Inside I left the pumpkin and cat… giving just enough information to get the point across and keep it simple…

Inside of invite.
Inside of invite.

I wanted to have an elaborate invite with cool steampunked theme… gears that turned, a banner with an old timey feel giving the invited guest a feel of the 19th century’s British Victorian era… a feel like the party would be all the rage and an event that is not to be missed… but now looking at my invite… I feel a vintage, more real and more my style invite shaping up.

I will print, cut out and glue each into a folded sheet of construction paper, letting me relive my days again of fall, elementry school and the excitement of being a kid during Halloween!


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