Farmers market!

It is that time of year again when the small towns surrounding Denver close off the streets, gather the local business owners, growers and makers and group them into one big blob of dis-function… insurance, honey and time share get-aways all in small tents that provide no real shade and have people walking by quickly to avoid the sales pitch… and the sample of free honey gets passed up again. (You would think the planners would put the honey next to the jelly and the insurance next to the attorney OR the bounce house…. giggle giggle!)


Every year my wife and I go to Louisville on Saturday morning to enjoy the fresh cool air. We ride our BMW R50 over on the farm roads and park in the center of town. I like to get a cup of coffee and she likes to have a crepe. We walk down the street and see if there is anything that catches our eye or discuss buying fresh fruit or veggies to add to our dinner meal. Most of the time we make it quickly through the booths and move to a more air conditioned, indoor, with a bar…  establishment.  Most of the time the people know our names and we feel quite welcome. We order our food and drink and sit back for the discussions to follow.

I always recommend going to the small town USA markets… a connection to the community, the neighbors that you see everyday, your friends and the the very people who thrive when their goods are sold. Like a way to say to the global economy… “Hey Walmart! You might beat the prices but you can’t beat real people and the goods!”  These are the people that they produce high quality goods for a very small and appreciative group of the community… check a market out one weekend, you won’t be disappointed when you meet a new friend and find a preserve for your toast on sunday.


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