June 2nd Morning Ride (The Back way)

It is not very often I get up early enough with a good forecast for the afternoon and have time to be able to ride my motorcycle to work. Today was one of those mornings… it was perfect. the breeze was cool but not cold. The sun was up but not in my eyes, the roads were clear from traffic and my “scooter” fired right up. The tank was full from my ride on Sunday and the crisp clean air made the engine come alive with a very gentle kick. Having an air cooled engine the morning air must have been perfect for it, as I started on my journey to work it was running with ease. I thought to myself with not a car behind me or in front that this must have been what it was like 25 years ago… to be able to be the king of the road. To not have a care in the world and to be at peace.

No one trying to cut me off to get in front of me… no one looking to pass in a rush… just me, my motorcycle and the open road. With my new clock mounted on my handlebar I looked at it when I left my driveway… not to see “How Fast” I can get to work, but as a reminder that work was calling and to see just how long it takes me to go the “Back way”.

Water tower near Dacono, Co
Water tower near Dacono, Co

Now the back way means to me… farm land, two lane, maximum speed 55 miles per hour, no stops, country cruising. The kind of ride you see on movies… the kind you wish you had all the time. To my left I can see the Rockies, to the north I can see the rolling hills of the green fertile plains and the large water tank in Dacono, to my right … the sun filled sky. How nice to be able to drive and really feel one with the road. I could hear the engine hum along… no stress, no over taxing the well balanced machine. The feeling of floating along at a quick pace but not feeling rushed. The smell of wet fertile soil on the freshly sowed land brought back to mind a time of care free lazy summer days. An easier time of days in the Marine Corps when all I had to do was get up and run. My legs now replaced by my scooter, but the same feeling of going down the path, seeing the farm land in North Carolina, smelling the morning air, feeling the sun on my cheeks, listening to my breath. One with my thoughts. Now a Morning Run was slightly changed… for this very brief moment in time, this calm and inviting morning….  it is replaced by my Morning Ride.


3 thoughts on “June 2nd Morning Ride (The Back way)

  1. Nice! You inspired me to ride my moto to work today. Broomfield to Golden isn’t exactly country, but I did utilize as many back roads as possible. Very pleasant!

  2. Brendan, I hope your summer is filled with “the kind of ride you see on movies… the kind you wish you had all the time.” By the way I finally got to see the movie you recommended… “Cycles South”! I want a gold flake gas tank on my next ride!

    1. My cycle is in my garage for fork oil replacement, muffler repack, and cable lube. Then the Big Red Pig (Honday XR650) will be good to go for the Summer!
      I’m glad you enjoyed Cycles South. Who doesn’t want a gold flake gas tank!
      I’ve got another recommnedation for you, “Fastest”. It’s a documentary about MotoGP racing featuring Valentino Rossi. Amazing footage of some crazy ass dudes!

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