1956 BMW R50 Adventure

William on a photo shoot on his 1956 BMW R50.
William on a photo shoot on his 1956 BMW R50.

After getting my R50 and fixing it up, riding it and enjoying the attention that it brings to me every time I ride, I have decided to share my adventure with photos, repair photos and general information I have learned over the past two years.

I bought her off of ebay on July 4th 2011… the auction ended that night and you already know that half of America is out watching fireworks and the other half wants nothing to do with an old Bimmer …. I was the only bidder!


Of course my wife asked what was I going to do with this 56 year old bike, since I had never ridden a motorcycle, never owned a motorcycle and surely had no experience restoring/fixing an old BMW motorcycle…. I told her that this bike will bring many days of joy to the both of us and that this bike was exactly the first bike that I would treasure forever…

Of course it wasn’t all great at the beginning. I had many repairs, rebuilds, parts to buy, knuckles to bust, tears to cry and electrons to measure. So I thought it would be fun to share this adventure and provide a look into the world of fixing, learning to ride, what I still have to fix, drawings I found, “other” parts that work and maintaining a 1956 R50.

1956 BMW R50
1956 BMW R50 with out any fixing. (Purchased condition)

Future post will be about the history of my R50, the clutch rebuild, the 6 volt battery, how to check the bike before riding, the carburetors (why floats!) that I wished were easier to work on and how I found great parts.


3 thoughts on “1956 BMW R50 Adventure

  1. Hey William, it’s Brendan (not Brandon) from Waterloo. I look forward to hearing about the build. And, don’t forget “Cycles South”! Cheers

    1. I went to IMDB and read the synopsis and it sounds like a great movie! One of my “to watch ” list for the winter while i can’t be out on the scooter!

  2. I am busy with a restoration project and stumbled into a problem rewiring the harness. Do you maybe have a blueprint of some sort or have any advice for me?

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