If you have a murder of crows invading your front yard or you want to add a bit of fright for the kiddies on Halloween night, then the perfect Scarecrow display will do the trick, for scaring those treaters.

A simple poles with cross beam design provides the support, clothes from a thrift store or your old jeans that don’t fit can be the start of a very fun and cheep display. I stuff my old clothes with newspaper and take safety pins (around the belt line) to secure the pants and the shirt to keep the pants on and the shirt from letting out the newspaper stuffing.

Wood poles and twine or zip ties and a screw to secure.
Wood poles and twine or zip ties and a screw to secure.
Shirt on pole
Put the shirt on the pole, with the arms of the shirt around the cross dowel.
pants attatched
The grey lines are to represent safety pins to secure the pants to the shirt. Remember…the pole will need a place in back of the pants to come out behind the pants or cut a hole or run it all the way down the pant leg on one side.

The stuffing is up to you… how much or how little is a way to make your scarecrow who you want it to be.

I use a support that anchors the base to a fence and a spike that is sunk into the ground for added stability.

Finished Scarecrow with fence.
Halloween Night!
Halloween Night!

Add a pumpkin head, and some lighting, a hat or even a few strategically placed black birds or an owl and you are all set!


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